As a company, you are always looking for the next “big” thing that will help to expand your brand’s exposure and technology products is key in 2018. Something that will help your company remind customers and prospects about your capabilities and at the same time make you look forward thinking or at least “in the know”.

Branded Technology Products Great way to Promote

This year, technology products once again fit that bill. From smart watches to smart backpacks to RFID technology, all can be branded and used to promote your company.

RFID technology has been around for quite a while but a large number of products have been introduced and/or refined this year as consumers are more and more concerned about the security of their information. RFID or radio frequency identification is basically that chip that most credit cards and driver’s licenses now have. It is the memory that can identify an object, person or animal.

And because of all “your” information on a chip, there is concern that thieves will use a variety of devices to electronically “pickpocket” unsuspecting individuals by RFID “skimming” your wallet or belongings from afar. That’s why we are seeing more and more RFID blocking technology products being introduced that can be branded with your logo.

  1. RFID Business Card Holder Technology Growing

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Typically these have 1-2 pockets that are RFID protected and a pocket or two that is not. Only the cards in the RFID area are protected from scanning. It’s a great way to protect your driver’s license a couple of credit cards and then have business cards in the other pockets.

One of my favorites is actually a combination RFID card holder and power bank. The power bank is very slim and fits into one of the card slots and has 2000 mAh to charge most devices at least 60%. It includes some quite a good number of protected pockets so you don’t have to decide what cards to leave at home!

  1. RFID Phone Wallet Usage Increasing

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I am sure have seen the silicone wallets that attach to the back of a smartphone and hold a couple of cards. Well, now there are ones available with the RFID blocking technology. However, many only hold one card so be sure to look closely before purchasing.


  1. RFID Passport Holder Growing Need

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The new passports also contain a chip that holds your information and can also be scanned by identity thieves. So of course, there are various sizes of RFID passport holders that are a great technology product gift, especially for those of your customer and prospect that travel frequently. There has been talk that TSA requiring all travelers to have a passport even for domestic travel (so you would no longer be able to travel on just your driver’s license) so why not get ahead of the curve and protect your travelling customers!

  1. RFID Backpacks Technology Includes USB Ports too

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I’ve been flying a lot lately and just about everyone is carrying a backpack these days. With the room

on airplanes for personal belongings shrinking everyday they can be a great travelling companion. And now, many come with special RFID blocking pockets! That’s right, you can place your passport, credit card and driver’s license in one secure pocket. In addition, some of these backpacks also come with a built-in USB port and cable so that you can plug a power bank inside your backpack and plug your device into your bag for easy charging (no more trying to juggle the power bank and device!). I can’t wait to get one!

And if you don’t like carrying a backpack, don’t worry there are tote bags with RFID pockets too!

The next area that’s big in branded technology is power banks themselves. I know I’m “in” the business, but I am surprised still to find people that don’t own, use or even know what a power bank is!

Power Banks Must Have Branded Technology Product

Power banks are just what they sound like. An alternative power source for smart devices be it phones, tablets, readers. They range in “power” from being able to give your smart phone of about 40% power to get you to a plug or being able to charge your phone in a matter of minutes with the larger power banks or charging multiple devices at once.

To understand how much power the power bank has it will have a mAh designation – mili ampere hour. Basically it is a measure of the energy storage capacity of the battery. One of my personal favorite power banks has 10,400 mAh and can charge my phone quickly at least 3 times to 100% before it needs to be recharged or I can charge up to 3 devices at one time. It’s been a life saver many times.

So What’s new in Power Banks?

  1. Wireless Power Banks are Newest Tech Accessory

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Yes, why hassle trying to plug your device into the power bank when you can just place your device on top and it begins charging! Now, for this technology you do have to have wireless capabilities in your phone (mind does). But just think you have a wireless charger on your desk or beside the bed and just place it on it whenever you are in the room. No more dead phone!

One of my favorites actually has the ability to charge 3 devices at once wireless, then with the USB ports and corresponding cables you can actually use one power bank to charge up to 5 items at once!! I know that during Hurricane Irma this past year that would have been a godsend!! As I mentioned,  I am still surprised to find people that don’t have or use a power bank. Some of the ones I use actually charge my phone faster than when it’s plugged into the wall. So why doesn’t everyone have one? Not sure, but it’s a great opportunity to a company to be providing them as a branded reminder of their products and services.

  1. Wireless Power Bank & Mouse Pad

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I know, not everyone uses a mouse pad these days, but this might change your mind! Especially if you are working at an airport or hotel (those surfaces aren’t always the cleanest). This mouse pad is equipped with wireless charging technology so you can work and charge all at once!

Show Off your Brand with Sound Technology Products

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And finally, sound. If you are looking for a sound way to show off your brand, there is a wide variety of ways to do. From sound reducing headphones (think of your brand being shown off on the ears of people on a plane or airport), wireless earbuds (so popular now) and of course wireless speakers. The sound quality continues to improve and people love to have them to use in all aspects of their lives. Think the waterproof ones for use in the shower or around the pool, there are even ones that are shaped to fit in your car cup holder with built-in “call choice” feature which allow you to easily toggle between the speaker and your phone. Taking this “speaker phone” to a whole new level!

As you can see, there are so many ways to use technology to help your company stand out. There is literally a great “techy” item to fit most any budget.


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