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Sales Promotion Strategies

Using Sales Promotion Builds Customer Loyalty and Sales!

Sales promotion is a very effective tool for getting consumers to change their buying behavior to buy now or to buy more frequently.  I am a regular shopper at one major department store. Why? Because I am a part of their loyalty program. While I didn’t sign up for a...

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Is your Cost Per Lead campaign working?

As online advertising continues to be a major part of marketing plans, how do you determine the right budget? One of the first things needed is the evaluation of the goals you want to achieve. What kind of leads do you want and what is the cost per lead you are...

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Marketing Promotions

5 Habits for Reinforcing the Power of Positive Thinking

I’ve always been a positive thinking individual. My parents say I “came out” that way. I don’t think that’s true but it does seem to be in my DNA. My family life was a positive, balanced one overall. My father was and is the eternal optimist. He feels he can “will”...

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Tips on How to Get More Followers on Twitter

I wouldn’t say I was an early adapter to Twitter, as a matter of fact, I started on twitter kicking and screaming. At first I really didn’t get “it”. So for those that still don’t get what Twitter is all about let me give a brief overview. Twitter is an online news...

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Tips for Effective Referral Marketing Strategy

Social media has made many of us habitual referral sources just by sharing a recent buying experience. Most businesses however, prefer a more direct referral. So many companies develop a referral marketing strategy. An effective referral strategy can reduce overall...

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