Sales Promotions Drive Business

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Sales Promotion Strategies

9 Great Urban Marketing Tactics

Understanding your potential customers is a primary element to developing a successful marketing strategy. You need a clear definition of who your primary target consumer will be. So it's recommended to write a full description of this person. Young or old (specific...

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How to Write an Effective Sales Pitch

Each person in any business or profession needs to think of themselves as if they were in sales. Because the success of the company depends on everyone selling the same story. I learned this very early on in my career. I walked into a business and the receptionist was...

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Marketing Promotions

6 Things You Need To Create A Winning Marketing Budget

Business Planning Gets Results When developing a marketing budget, sales promotional offers fit right in.  By its nature, a sales promotion is designed to inform, persuade and remind buyers to buy your product or service. As the tail end of a marketing plan,...

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7 Ways To Optimize Flash Sales In Today’s Environment

Can you still optimize a profitable flash sale in today’s business environment? Remember how flash sales and flash sale sites were all the rage ten years ago. It seems flash deals have slowly dwindled down in popularity due to changes in the business environment. We...

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