Injecting Sales Promotion is Crucial to Your ReBranding

rebranding and sales promotion

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Introducing your brand to the target market and motivating them to take action is why injecting sales promotion is crucial to your re-branding process. New products, or brands, need to get in front of consumers and the trade to build awareness and stimulate trial.

Re-branding gives you the benefit of knowing exactly what promotional activities will motivate customers
Re-branding gives you the benefit of knowing exactly what promotional activities will motivate customers

Think of re-branding as your new product launch, with the added benefit of knowing exactly what promotional activities will motivate your most profitable customer segments.

A brand study requires you to specifically ask your employees, customers and suppliers about their perceptions of your product or service. In my experience, this process is often shocking to everyone involved. It identifies what you believed your product to be and the reality of what everyone else perceives it to be.

The good news is the process helps you re-focus on what the customer really wants from you, and provides valuable information about the things that will motivate customers to take action. Here are some sales promotion tools to create an effective re-branding effort.


Customers Want To Know What Differentiates You

In marketing, there is a difference between wants and needs. A need defines the total market, everyone needs to eat; the want defines a specific segment, people who seek out organic foods for example. During the re-branding interview process, you will uncover in no uncertain terms the top three things customers want from your brand. Listening to customers not only focuses your brand strategy, it provides specific data to develop sales promotion ideas.

A Case In Improving A Hospitals Financial Health

I participated in a branding study for a hospital in a small community. Telephone surveys indicated that the local market was confused by the diverse services being advertised. More than anything else residents wanted to be assured that there was an efficient emergency room. Interviews with staff and administration indicated that their ER and surgery products were the most lucrative. This was the basis for their re-branding process.

Injecting sales promotion is crucial to your re-branding process and focusing your message
Injecting sales promotion is crucial to your re-branding process and focusing your message

The hospital revised their services to develop one of the most efficient Emergency Rooms in the country along with a top tier surgical center.

Advertising, direct mail and other promotions announced the new positioning. Press Releases, community health fairs, speaking engagements at events and civic organizations comprised the Public Relations plan.

Sales Promotion was introduced at every level of marketing. Promotional displays and banners were positioned outside the hospital at launch; trade sales promotion plans were created to interface with the medical supplier community, to encourage suppliers to negotiate deals for ER and surgical supplies.

All consumer promotional incentives were focused on the state-of-the-art ER services. The hospital’s new tagline along with a message about the best Emergency Room services for you and your family was imprinted on health and wellness promotional products. The community got the message and the hospital became highly profitable with their focused re-branding strategy.

Focused Sales Promotion Leads To Profitability

Launching your brand requires that you offer a basic product, advertise to your specific market and use heavy sales promotional techniques and items to encourage trial. Focus-on-fighting-with-newFlooding the target market segment with promotional products, that had a specific message about the new and improved ER services, met consumer wants head-on and motivated the community to change their habits. The best part is that logoed promotional products connects households with your brand and the items may stay around for months, even years.

Change is difficult. Once you determine what your customers really want, developing innovative sales promotions to deliver your message will motivate everyone to get on board.

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