Why Use Promotional Items?

why use promotional items

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Promotional items are an integral part of marketing programs because they cut through the clutter (I know it’s cliché, but it’s true) of a very crowded media environment. Promotional items have an impact that other mediums do not. You typically can touch, feel, sometimes smell and use most promotional items. You really can’t say that about your banner ad on a website or in the newspaper. (Okay, so there are the scratch and sniff ads but to be perfectly honest I’m not sticking my nose on the paper and if you do it’s only once).

Promotional items are a great addition to marketing campaigns for many reasons.

Why Use Promotional Items in Your Business?

High Rate of Return (ROI)

According to a Promotional Products Association International 2009 study of the advertising purchase habits of end buyers, participants ranked promotional products number one in these key attributes:

  • Budget flexibility

    why use promotional items for your business
    Promotional Items offer great exposure
  • Long-term memorability
  • Generating traffic
  • Audience friendly
  • Building a bond with advertiser
  • Efficient targeting


As a matter of fact, 72% of the end buyers surveyed use promotional items.  With that list of benefits, I’m actually surprised it’s not higher.

Promotional Items are Budget Flexible

It is hard to find an advertising medium that is as budget flexible as a promotional item. There are many items under $1.00 that are quality items that can convey your message effectively as leave-behind reminders, trade show introductions and community event recognition. There are basically items available at every price point, low, medium and high.

As you look at your budget and your promotional need, keep in mind the audience that is receiving them (who). If you are promoting a $1000 a night suite I don’t think you really want to be giving out a $.50 pen. A more expensive reminder of your business is more appropriate. Maybe a nice leather document holder, amenity kit or high tech accessory.

Long-Term Memorability

As I have said before, you can’t beat a logoed item for long-term use. You don’t use an ad in the newspaper or magazine (well maybe to line the birdcage) for any length of time. You read/hear the message and probably forget it before you finish your morning cup of coffee. You do, however, use the coffee mug that your local healthcare provider gave at a recent health fair on a regular basis, being reminded of the business time and time again.

Efficient Targeting

Another great reason for using promotional items is you get to target who receives your message and when. In most cases, you are actually “giving” the item directly to your prospect. If you are at a trade show I would hope the audience attending is your target audience. If you are at a community event, I would assume you want them to know you are nearby and want them to shop your location and if you are in their office, well, obviously you want their business.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of promotional items. Sometimes it may be overwhelming to decide how to choose the right one for your business. But if you understand who your customer is you can choose an appropriate item that they will use.

That’s why promotional items have a very high rate of return (Return on Investment  – ROI) when you compare the cost of the item with all the attention you are getting plus the positive impressions you continue to receive over time – it’s a no-brainer.

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