Co-Create Value For Your Business and The World

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) instructional videos inspire action among everyone that interacts with your business.

Prospective customers, employees, competitors, and vendors alike take notice when you demonstrate how your business brings value to society, while building partnerships that make a difference in the world.

Sixty-eight percent of large corporations have made social responsibility partnerships a key priority, according to Kelly McElhany in her book Just Good Business.

Impactful Social Messages Inspire Change and Growth

Leaving the viewer in some way changed is the most successful use of video content

These corporations are creating partnerships that create happiness along with sales and brand differentiation.

The problem is that brands and small businesses are not storytelling effectively about the positive change they bring to the world. Creating an instructional video about the different aspects of your CSR program builds raving fans among your team and customers.

Here is an example of a brand specifically telling a story about their CSR Strategy

Living In A Visual World

Let’s face it, we live in a connected world that is visually oriented. Visitors to a website spend twice as much time on a site that features videos than they do on a site that doesn’t have video stories.

It turns out that leaving the viewer in some way changed is the most successful form of video content.

An effective CSR strategy is inherently inspiring. Share your story and change the conversation around your brand by sharing the deep understanding of the social partnerships you developed.

It’s important to note that interesting and inspirational videos with a clear and focused message are among the most shared content on social media.

Here is an example about Starbucks’ Socially Responsible Strategy that is making a difference in their business and in far reaches of the globe.

Don’t you love the ending of this video. It makes us believe that simply by being a customer of Starbucks we have an impact on millions of lives around the world. In fact, we do.

Reinforcing What’s Good With Videos

When we think of what is an instructional video our thoughts often turn to a ”how to” guide. Teaching a new behavior, introducing new concepts and reinforcing a strategy are some basics of learning.

Using this teaching/learning mindset, consider that you are out to teach the world about how making a difference matters. It not only matters to your customers, your CSR strategy has a significant impact on the group you partner with and the world at large.

Like the Starbucks example, when customers purchase your product, they are participating in positive change.

A Corporations Impact On Society

Pepsico distributes over 20 iconic brands worldwide. Their audience is everyone, with a strong focus on families and youth.

Pepsico's mission is to improve the community

Pepsico distributes over 20 iconic brands worldwide with a strong focus on youth

Pepsico co-created a program that focuses on increasing High School graduation rates.

The cause, Diplomas Now, is a noble one that will make a difference for generations.

A visit to the PepsiCo site uncovers the organization’s Mission Statement:

Pepsico’s  mission is to be the world’s premier consumer products company focused on convenient foods and beverages. We seek to produce financial rewards to investors as we provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees, our business partners and the communities in which we operate. Here is how they accomplish this objective in the USA.


The partnership with Diplomas Now clearly illustrates the goals for growth and enrichment for employee, partners and communities. This goal aligns closely with the hopes and desires of their customer base.

Everyone wants to support companies that are making a positive change in the world. When your CSR mission aligns closely with that of your target customer base, it gets noticed by more prospective customers to create a positive brand association.

Do You Have A CSR Strategy

Simply donating to a charity is good, but not an integrated CSR strategy. Corporations have been accused of throwing money at an issue, while running a business that does nothing to effect change.

In the Starbucks example, the organization developed a deep understanding of their supply chain and took action to improve the lives of coffee farmers and to improve the environment.

To create a CSR Strategy look to your corporate mission, your supply chain and your customer base

The farmers, the environment, and the Starbucks organization all receive a benefit. In turn, employees and customers are co-creating a better world by supporting the brand.

When you consider how to do an instructional video around your CSR Strategy, focus on the mutual dependencies and mutual benefits derived from the partnership.

If you don’t have an organized CSR Strategy look to your corporate mission, your supply chain and your customer base. Corporate resources are limited. Opportunities should come from the things you do within operations, marketing and areas that are integral to your business success.

Long-term partnerships, where both sides experience growth as a result of the relationship, is a win/win for all.

Include Everyone In The Experience

A lot of organizations are focusing on Experiential Marketing. Seventy-two percent of millennials, the largest and fastest growing population segment, favor experiences over material things.

Consider that an experience consists of three things: where you are, the people you are with and the challenges you faced. CSR videos can incorporate an element of creating an experience that customers can drop themselves into.

Many companies partner with a non profit within their supply chain or customer base. These same companies may not have the resources to focus their efforts on a social responsibility video campaign. There are always creative ways to share the joint strategy.

Share Your Partner’s Experiential Video

The Rainforest Alliance created a humorous, impactful video that drops the viewer into a situation to make a point.

Partners are featured within the video to share their common goals with those of the  Rainforest Alliance’s socially responsive strategy.   

Make The Most of Social Media

Engaging people through social media has become an effective way to change minds and build raving fans.

Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content. The challenge for presenting your CSR strategy through social media is that two thirds of viewers prefer videos less than 60 seconds.

When you create a training video, sharing your CSR strategy, it is imperative that you chunk your content down into smaller segments.

Concise, emotionally driven video stories about the change your business makes in the world rapidly increases your value in the hearts and minds of the viewers and increases social media sharing.


Kevin Danaher

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