Corporate Gift Ideas Under $10

Corporate Gift Ideas

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Corporate gifts are one of the most requested ideas we receive this time of year as people are looking for creative Christmas gifts.

And as we’ve mentioned time and time again, promotional items are not only liked and well received they are used time and time again. For example, bags are kept on average 7 months and are carried approximately 15 times a month! That’s a gift that keeps on giving if it’s got your brand name on it!

Promotional Products are Great Corporate Gifts

When we are looking for xmas gift ideas, one of our resources is leedsworld. Now you can’t buy direct, they only work through distributor companies but they have some great corporate gift ideas under $10.

Some of things to consider when giving corporate gifts:

  • Is the item potentially religious or political in nature?
  • Can the intention of the item be misconstrued?
  • Be careful giving alcohol related items, some companies don’t encourage drinking or you may be giving the item to a recovering addict
  • Many companies have a “Code of Ethics” and restrict the value of a gift an employee can receive, if you are staying under $10 in most cases you are well within the guidelines
  • Make sure you are giving a gift and not a bribe

All my career I have received and given gifts to clients, prospects and employees but without anything expected in return. Keep in mind that you want it to be seen as a gift not a bribe. It does come down to honesty and integrity.

Master investor Warren Buffet once told a group of business students:

“I cannot tell you that honesty is the best policy. I can’t tell you that if you behave with perfect honesty and integrity somebody somewhere won’t behave the other way and make more money. But honesty is a good policy. You’ll do fine, you’ll sleep well at night and you’ll feel good about the example you are setting for your coworkers and the other people who care about you.” 

So, with all that said, do give to your clients, prospects and employees. It’s a great way to keep your name in front of them on a regular basis and thank them for being your client or employee! Remember, out of sight out of mind!

Electronic Accessories are the Hot Option Today

Some of my favorite corporate gift ideas under $10.00 include:

Electronic accessories are some of the hottest options right now. And we’ve included a few here.

  • Dual USB Car Charger – who doesn’t have an electronic device that could use a
    Always Useful Car Charger
    Dual USB Car Charger


  • Mobile Speakers – these have become hugely popular and if you can increase your budget slightly there are some great options with Bluetooth capabilities
  • Earbuds and Headphones are seeing a resurgence in popularity and some have mics so you can use them with your smartphones
  • Mobile phone or smartphone cases – I see these more and more now. People finally realize they drop their phones way too often!
  • Tablet covers are a smart choice too, even worse when they are dropped!

    smartphone holder
    Smartphone Holder – Protects and is useful
  • Picture Frames – a nice frame is always appreciated, people love to have their pet, kids or partner to gaze at throughout the day
  • Cooler Lunch Bag – many people bring their lunch to work, why not bring it in style!
  • Sport Duffel Bags – always appreciated, especially if you are promoting wellness with your staff.

There are literally thousands of options to consider but if you are looking to impress you can’t go wrong with one of these!

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