Sales Promotion Strategies

Product Sampling Marketing

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How To Promote A Successful Kiosk

Knowing how to promote a successful kiosk can get you a piece of the specialty retail industry, which generates an amazing $12 billion … [Read More...]

Build Brand Equity With Sales Promotion (It’s About Brand Experience)

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How Demographic Transition Relies On Emotional Data Science

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Growing Sales with Effective Lead Generation Strategy (do I know who you are?)

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LGBTQ Promotions and Inclusive Marketing Gain Acceptance

In recent years a substantial increase in recognizable brands supporting the LGBTQ community in their marketing efforts has surfaced. Just a … [Read More...]

Marketing Promotions

Brandless Brand Marketing To Millennialls (A Case Study)

  With nearly $50 Million from Venture Capitalist the Brandless brand marketing to Millennials touches upon all the right hot … [Read More...]

Personalized Promotional Items Are Long Lasting Brand Builder

I am always amazed at the promotional products I receive at trade shows that make no sense at all. The promotional item may be a very good … [Read More...]

Getting into the Word of Mouth Marketing Game Effectively

When I started my business more than 20 years ago, I immediately became active in the community. I needed to be known and respected so that … [Read More...]