Sales Promotion Strategies

Holidays 2016 Promotional Planning Strategies

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Joint Promotion For A Cause (Nonprofits and Corporations Changing The World)

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Use Sales Promotion To Activate Customer Segmentation Strategies (A Chronological Perspective)

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Are Your Loyalty Cards in the TOP 12? (most have 29-use only 12)

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Buying the Executive Gifts this Year? (It’s doesn’t have to be hard) Consider these Tips

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Spiff Awards In The 21st Century

Spiff awards in the 21st Century should be linked to overall business strategy, systems and employee behaviors that all focus on customer … [Read More...]

Marketing Promotions

Pitfalls to Avoid for Effective Doorbuster Promotion (especially #3)

During the fall season most every business and especially retailers are trying to get you to spend more money with them and that’s why you s … [Read More...]

Are You Leaving Money on the Table? (Understanding the Profit Margin)

When developing a sales promotion program we talk a great deal about ROI (Return on Investment) as to how successful a program may or may … [Read More...]

Integrate The Customer Experience Into The Promotional Mix (A How To Guide)

Have you noticed that ads that really connect integrate the customer experience into the promotional mix? There has been a shift in what … [Read More...]