Sales Promotion Strategies

Joint Promotion For A Cause (Nonprofits and Corporations Changing The World)

A joint promotion for a cause has been proven to gain significant momentum when a nonprofit and a corporation team up to change the world. Successful nonprofit organizations have changed their paradigms as they realize that cause related marketing … [Read More...]


Are Your Loyalty Cards in the TOP 12? (most have 29-use only 12)

Are you rewarding your customers that frequently purchase from your business to keep them coming back? We all know the old adage, it’s easier to keep a customer than it is to get new ones. Well, did you know that the probability of getting an a … [Read More...]

Marketing Promotions

Are You Leaving Money on the Table? (Understanding the Profit Margin)

When developing a sales promotion program we talk a great deal about ROI (Return on Investment) as to how successful a program may or may not be. As part of that analysis you need to also be looking at the profit margin of the product you may be … [Read More...]