When it comes to creating attention and raising money for a cause, non-profits have the good fortune to be the only entity that can legally run a raffle.

Non profits have the good fortune to be the only entity that can legally run a raffle

Non profits have the good fortune to be the only entity that can legally run a raffle

While the face-to-face interactions of direct raffle ticket sales still have significant appeal, non-profits can now exponentially expand their universe with online raffles.

Set-up and administering an online raffle will take some time, attention to detail may add additional costs. Fortunately, there are some excellent online services that help with the details, which may free up time to focus on the organizations core mission, while raising more followers and funds then anticipated.

Extraordinary Benefits Of Online Raffles

Imagine a world where all of your supporters get their own raffle page to promote a cause they are personally, passionate about to their extended networks. Friend raising allows supporters to relate what’s most relevant to them as they appeal to their friends to support the cause and participate in your raffle.

Friend Raising allows supporters to appeal to their networks to participate in your raffle.

Friend Raising allows supporters to appeal to their networks to participate in your raffle.

The function of a non profit is to best serve their community. To effectively accomplish this non profits are multi-taskers, focusing on their core mission; raising funds with fewer resources; and continually building strong, long-term relationships with donors, supporters, volunteers and the community to make it all come together.

Using online networking tools has become an efficient, interactive way to gain favorable attention and connect with a broader audience. Setting up a raffle online gives a non profit the ability to exponentially drive traffic to the raffle webpage using media partners, sponsor resources, and friend raising functions.

The most successful non profits create an emotional connection with each supporter, and online raffles can be very effective in building massive awareness while selling ‘raffle tickets’ and instantly building a data base. There are many fabulous organizations that can assist in the process with many services to make the process instantaneous.

Some Legal Stuff That Makes Raffles Unique

Raffles may only be run by non profits that are designated by the IRS as 501 (c) (3) organization. Every state and municipality may have a different raffle registration requirement and, in most areas, 90% of the money raised is to be used to fund the exempt purpose of the organization. Before considering a raffle check your local government’ requirements

A sweepstakes may seem similar to a raffle, however unlike a raffle a sweepstakes must have a ‘no purchase necessary’ option. A sweepstakes is a promotion that builds awareness for a product. While it may provide an extra incentive for people to buy a product, requiring a purchase of any kind constitutes a lottery, which are illegal for any organization other than a state to run.

A raffle is essentially a lottery in which each participant buys a chance to win. Since only states can run lotteries, the raffle designation is exclusive to non-profit organizations.

Drive Compassionate Sales of Raffle Tickets

Now, non-profits can build their raffle ticket templates online and reach a considerably broader audience. When it comes to raffles, contests and giveaways the internet can be the greatest tool available. Remember that there are restrictions to selling tickets outside the country, and depending on your municipality, maybe outside your immediate area. Setting up the prizes structure,  establishing rules, registering with state and local authorities and processing payments are some things a non-profit has to do prior to setting up on online raffle webpage.

Extending the reach of your raffle to a wider audience and designating your loyal supporters as advocates for the cause,  will give you deeper market penetration and a sales force driven by compassion.

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