As we’ve discussed many times before, promotional items provide a long lasting extension of your brand image and message when worked effectively with your marketing initiatives.

And a summer promotion is a great time to get started. With people being outside more you can take advantage by thanking your customers with a branded summer fun promotional item.

It’s also a time when companies are sponsoring corporate gatherings to boost employee morale and show that the company has a culture that cares. For instance: family day barbecue, team day at baseball, a golf or tennis outing, a cruise on the river or lake, even a parking lot carnival to raise money for a worthy cause!

Our Top 10 Summer Promotional Items (and more):

1.Keeping Cool!

Branded Cooling Towel for all Summer Long Exposure

If you want to keep your customers cool this summer, why not have them carry your logo around with them! There are a number of versions of the Instant Cooling Towel. It’s so easy. This special performance fabric towel that you wet, then you snap it to activate the cooling properties – and it lasts for up to two hours!! One of many great promotional items that will keep your client cool all summer. I personally have it around my neck during a round of golf to keep me cool.

2.Staying Fit

For those of you who don’t live in a warm climate (Florida we do this year round outdoors), the summer is the time to increase your fitness routine outdoors. There are so many promotional items that you can brand with your logo for fitness. From pedometers (track those 10000 daily steps!) to jump ropes to water bottles to ear buds (for those motivational tunes to keep you moving) to fitness trackers and don’t forget the sunscreen! Also don’t forget the opportunities that races (especially the new endurance race craze) provide. You can have banners, flags, medals, awards  as well as a special T-shirt for the event all outfitted with your logo!

3.Golf or Tennis Anyone?

For Golfers, a great wind resistant umbrella is always appreciated. Caps or visors are a hit, along with towels, balls, duffle bags, sweatbands and even socks and the compression wear can all be logo’d.

4.Outdoor Events

A Fan Mister will Work for your all Summer!

I personally love going to outdoor concerts, festivals and fairs. We have many here on a regular basis. Art shows are big, seafood festivals, wine festivals, even outdoor movie nights by the bay! And each of these have sponsors with booths promoting their businesses to the attendees. A great hand fan (cardboard works just fine – and the really nice ones I actually keep to use at other events) to keep cool is welcomed. If you have a slightly bigger budget a Mister Fan is a big hit!

Koozies for keeping the drinks cold is also a great way to have your brand walking around an event. T-shirts are one at the top of the list for most effective promotional items. People  love getting them as a gift, but they will also buy them with your logo and message on them. If the proceeds go to a good cause, even better. And don’t forget the picnic blanket and the chairs. There are so many different styles of both that can fit most any budget.

5.Beach or Boating?

In Miami we have lots of opportunities for corporate events on a boat – we have many large yachts that ply the rivers and bay with corporate parties on-board. A momento of the day is always a great reminder for your best customers or your employees that you are a company that cares about them. A versatile boat tote or beach bag will be used time and time again (bags generate more impressions than any other promotional item). Another handy beach or boating item is a waterproof pouch that can hold your smart phone (there are larger ones available for Ipads, kindles and more). And don’t forget branded sandals (you can even leave your brand imprint in the sand as everyone walks around)!

6.Company Barbecue anyone?

You logo on the Go with a Summer BBQ!

And it doesn’t have to necessarily be an event, maybe you want to promote a relaxing summer for your customers and employees (and don’t forget prospects!). There are many options to choose from for the next cookout. You could provide the portable BBQ kit (comes in a great zippered case) for on the go grilling! You can have logo’d BBQ utensil sets, or you can even have a logo’d branding iron style spatula – leave your mark on that great burger!!

7.Summer Fun Promotions

There are so many fun things to do in the summer and many can be logo’s. For those races – why not have the cow bells or clappers or even the big foam fingers to cheer on your colleagues or family. For the beach or barbecue days at the park why not include beach balls, collapsible flyers, hacky sacks, a float and more, all with your logo to remind them of the fun all summer long. Plus you can never go wrong with a great pair of sunglasses!

8.Patriotic Times

Don’t forget about July 4th promotions either. Flags of course are a given. What about wrist bands and temporary tattoos? And who doesn’t love something that lights up? There are many items that light up in red, white and blue!

9.Rainy Days of Summer

And yes, all of us have rainy days in the summer so why not be prepared with a great umbrella that your customers can take with them when they leave your business. There are so many different sizes and shapes available today I am sure there is one to fit your brand. And if you have an event you can always give out rain ponchos!

10.End of Summer

And you can always carry your promotion through to the end of summer with back to school programs sponsored by your company. Schools and students need help with supplies. Why not provide backpacks, notebooks and pens to a school near your business.

As you can see, the promotional opportunities are endless to keep you name in front of your customers, employees and prospects this summer!

Danette Gossett

Danette brings more than 30 years of experience developing advertising campaigns, direct marketing programs and sales promotions to her clients. Prior to starting her companies, she worked for New York advertising agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi & Lowe Marschalk.

Her corporate marketing experience included National Advertising Director for Avis Rent a Car Systems, Inc., and Director of Marketing Services for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Read More

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