Integrated Direct Response Promotion Key to Sales Growth

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As businesses you not only want consumers to know who you are and what you do, but you also want them to take action. Buy! While many large companies spend a tremendous amount of their marketing budget on branding campaigns it’s not always the most efficient way to gain customers for smaller businesses (not small businesses, just smaller). A more effective way is an Integrated Direct Response Promotion.

As you know, here at we are all about changing behavior so that the people you want as customers take action now. That’s what good sales promotions are designed to do. And that’s why we love an integrated program.

Direct Mail Examples Show Variety of Offers
Direct Mail Examples Show Variety of Offers

An effective direct response marketing program has a specific call to action. It could be a coupon for an in-store discount (for those brick & mortar outfits out there) , it could be returning a business reply card to join a loyalty program or to get more information (not as popular these days but still effective, especially with an older audience), it could be directing you to a website for more information or a free offer download, or it could be asking you to visit their Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest page or other social media to participate in a contest or gain a discount code.

Evoke an Immediate Response

As you can see, Keys to Direct Response Marketing can integrate not only various mediums to promote the program but can also integrate a wide variety of response mechanisms. One of the reasons an integrated direct response promotion is so effective is because if it is designed properly you can account for how effective your marketing dollars spent are against specific offers and/or specific niche audiences. Basically, if you track your sales against your discounts (where did it come from) you can have a great understanding of your return on investment per medium utilized.

Yes, you are giving a discount of some sort, but it is a great lead generator for your business. And if you are targeting the right audience for your products and/or services then you should be able to have them buying repeatedly from you in the future and you will recoup your investment and more.

One campaign element that is seeing a resurgence is direct mail as part of the marketing mix. I am seeing an increase in my mail almost daily with “offers”. Office supply companies offering me a discount card to come in or a different discount if I visit their website and order online. Other offers include discounts on my next dog food purchase, or to try out a new restaurant with the lure of a free glass of wine or appetizer or even a new travel company offering a BOGO (buy one get one) for my next adventure.

Direct Response Marketing Generates Leads

All these offers seem to be reinforced though other media channels. The direct mail campaign may include an online pop-up ad as I search the web or on social media and of course the occasional email (it may be more than I know, but I block lots of email “ads”, just don’t have the time) as well as many times it’s also in the more traditional media venues. Yes, I still get the newspaper. I like to sit outside in the mornings and read it. Not interested in pulling out my tablet at that hour, puts me into work mode, so I see a lot of the same offers in the paper as I receive in the mail or online. Reinforcing that message – DO SOMETHING NOW!

That’s the key to any integrated direct marketing 101 consistency of offer and message across all channels . So develop a great offer and test it against your target. If it works expand it, if it doesn’t find another one. Your goal is to find several different offers that work that you can rotate and stay fresh with bringing in new customers! Happy Selling!

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