Increase Customers With Retargeting Sales Promotion Strategies (The Ultimate Cat & Mouse Game)


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We Love To Window Shop, Especially Online.

In recent years, we have had the ability to increase customers with retargeting strategies. With so much online and direct marketing clutter, sales promotion techniques often break through and motivate more prospects to take action.

Every time a prospective customer lands on your site, you have the opportunity to capture their cookies and make them an offer after they leave your site to continue their online search activity.

Retargeting using Sales Promotion techniques capture online shoppers attention
Retargeting using Sales Promotion techniques capture online shoppers attention

Retargeting ads generally feature a brand message, or the specific product that was viewed, when your site was visited.

Capture the consumer’s immediate attention when you feature  a coupon, sweepstakes, special deal, contest or other promotion technique in a retargeting campaign.  An additional benefit is that sales promotion techniques can  exponentially increase your database and expand the number of prospects you reach.

Retargeting Primer

Also know as remarketing, retargeting is a form of online target marketing delivered to people that previously  visited your site and/or are part of your database.

The easiest retargeting strategy is list-based, where your database is segmented by customer psychographics and previous purchase or other interactions with your brand.

Increase reach & frequency using list and pixel based retargeting
Increase reach & frequency using list and pixel based retargeting

Retargeting ads are sent to them as they search the web.

The more complex system, used by today’s retargeter is pixel based.  A piece of JavaScript (also referred to as a Pixel) is placed on the browser making the browser cookied. When people leave your site to search the web, cookies notify your retargeting platform to show your ads based on the specific pages they previously visited on your site.

There are many excellent retargeting marketing apps available for: site, email, search, CRM and facebook retargeting strategies (to name a few).

Add Big Data analytics to the mix and retargeting presents a significant opportunity to reach more visitors, on more sites, as they search any of the keywords you identified in your campaign.

Sales Promotions Motivates Action!

The basic strategy of the retargeter is to increase the frequency of placing a brand message or product in front of the consumer as they search the web.

The age-old reach and frequency ad strategy is at work. Using cookies you can measure how many people saw your ad and how many times they saw it. Understanding which of your offers, or ads, are being viewed more frequently provides a picture of activity by customer segment and which browsers they are using along with the most clicked on ads.

Motivate more consumers to action by integrating sales promotional offers. Based on your specific goal, you can create awareness, increase sales or enhance your database using some of the following tools.

Coupon Offers and Deals

Growth of mobile coupons is estimated to increase an incredible 18.4% this year, to 94 million coupons according to eMarketer.

Millennials love mobile coupons, estimated to increase 18.4%
Millennials love mobile coupons, estimated to increase 18.4%

Millennials are the fastest growing segment using this technology and they expect to use your mobile coupon while shopping online or at the retail outlet.

Retargeted ads to Millennials, and other consumers, which feature your discount or deal will move a lot of merchandise. You can practically control the distribution and redemption on a real-time basis  based on activity using different offers, expiration dates and conditions.


Sweepstakes gain immediate attention and get your retargeted ad read.

The words WIN and FREE immediately captures the eye, mind and imagination of the viewer. If your goal is to gather more  information for your database, sweepstakes entries are a great way to do it. Capture name, email, and any fields of information you would like downloaded into your database.

You can also reward extra entries for referrals and create promotions that a user can follow on facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Mobile compatibility allows prospects to share your execution in a social setting to earn additional benefits as you expand your data.

Instant Win

Keep your prospects and customers engaged and coming back for more. Make it a game. Set a specific period of time when they can try again.

A Share With Friends feature builds fans
A Share With Friends feature builds fans

Send them a retargeted Instant Win ad frequently to keep them engaged. This is a great way to offer custom coupon codes or offers as prizes. Try to make everyone a winner by offering coupons for participating. You can also require that they share with a friend to enter or direct them to a facebook, Twitter or Pinterest account to receive their coupon or other offers.


Everyone loves a selfi or to shoot fun video  from there phone while enjoying life. A photo or video contest engaging prospective customers with your product, an activity related to your product or a specific theme engages like minded customer communities as they enter, vote or invite friends to join in the fun.

Bracket Voting

You’ve seen those engaging contest where you select if you like bacon or mushroom on your burger, or a similar voting activity.  Sometimes the data is used to change the menu, award prizes or establish entrée into a contest. Engagement is the key. If you engage prospects with your product features, you are creating awareness and building loyalty.

Pin To Win

Pinterest users love this form of engagement. Your retargeting ads can feature an entry form along with the specific items prospects are to pin, along with instructions to fill in any additional information you require.

Pinterest fans love to engage with topics they enjoy
Pinterest fans love to engage with topics they enjoy

The fun part is that the customer is learning about your product’s attributes,  while engaging in a topic they enjoy. Depending on your audience, recipe seekers, hobbyists and enthusiasts of all types are building a brand relationship with you while you increase awareness, data and purchase action.


Mix it Up To WIN!

Retargeting is an ever growing technology and the perfect sales promotion offer distribution vehicle. When you search retargeting platforms, see if you can change up the communication mix.  Based on market segments create a mix of brand or product ads and sales promotion ads to continually test performance.

As more and more Big Data is overlaid with basic behavioral data, we are moving toward a new era in personalized advertising.  Remember you have less than 7 seconds to make an impression. Gain immediate attention and engage the consumer by making them a sales promotional offer that they can’t resist.

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