Employee Rewards Programs

employee rewards programs

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The winner for best performance is …YOU!

Wouldn’t it be great to win an Oscar for our efforts in our job or career, and get all the attention and fame that comes with it? Although it is a mere trophy, the recognition of the actor’s ability indicates a high level of respect by his peers, which increases the actor’s self-esteem and confidence to achieve more.


Rewarding Employees Drives Growth

 Productive and engaged workforces recognize success every 7 days
Productive and engaged workforces recognize success every 7 days

The Gallop Organization has found that within the most productive and engaged workforces, employees receive recognition every seven days.  What an opportunity to expand your recognition program. Implementing a recognition-based employee rewards program has the same effect of an actor winning an Oscar, but you can do it more than just once a year! Recognition improves employee confidence and self-esteem. Productive and engaged employees have a better attitude, which in turn, improves the customer experience.  As employees are recognized for developing their potential, they strive to reach more challenging personal and organizational goals.


Recognize Achievement and Everybody Wins

Being recognized for idea generation, cross department team performance and safety recommendations are among the accomplishments that are outside the standard job description, yet these are the very things that transform a business. Consider that employees are people first and employees second. As people, we continually strive for more ways to enhance our lives. People/employees want to fit in, be accepted by their peers and grow as part of a team. As we progress in a job, and in life, there are intangible rewards we strive for. Being recognized for a job well done builds a sense of pride and prestige to reinforce our self-worth and build our confidence.


SMART Employee Rewards Programs

Employee rewards programs are structured to drive growth and performance. To be effective they should follow the SMART acronym. Specific actions, Measurable results, Attainable goals,  that are Realistically high and Results oriented and are Time specific. Your employee rewards program can be based on strategic goals, that are shared with your employees, or they may be a surprise, such as delivering a reward when a team reaches a milestone.

Being recognized for a job well done improves workplace performance
Being recognized for a job well done improves workplace performance

Rewards programs structured to accomplish specific results in the areas of sales performance, idea generation, team performance, wellness, and years of service awards keep everyone engaged and focused on doing the right things right. Employee Rewards programs do not necessarily have to be a competition. Treating everyone with dignity and respect, and recognizing that their work is appreciated by the organization goes a long way in keeping people engaged. Consider that the winner of an Oscar gave his best performance based on a high level of competency and confidence to face the challenge of a specific role. Use this strategy in your employee rewards program and you too will have the results of a high grossing business.



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