Sales promotions directed at the distribution channel are known as Trade Promotions. Financial incentives, typically called trade allowances, or deals, are popular short-term special offers in the form of a reduced price. Here the manufacturer provides immediate savings as an incentive to move product. Often, trade incentive deals are combined with a sales promotional overlay, to acquire display space or create increased customer awareness.  Sales Promotion Tools that are non- financial incentives are Point-of-Sale displays, Trade Show displays, Rebate offers for the dealer or consumer, and Sales Incentive Programs that reward dealers, sales people and employees for achieving performance goals.

Point-of-Sale Displays

Point-of-Sale (POS), also known as Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays, are a sales promotion technique designed to put your brand on display, in-store, and get it into the shopper’s basket.


FoodStore71661POS displays can be used to build brands, develop customer knowledge and drive sales. Introducing customer to new products, informing them of sale prices or promotions and focuses the shopper’s attention on your brand, and away from the competition, are key POS strategies.  An increased amount of POS displays are prominently featuring QR codes, inviting Smart Phone users to scan for additional product information or instant offers, known as digital POS.  According to a 2012 POPAI study, 76% of purchase decisions are being made in-store. The study also finds that 1 in 6 brand purchases are made when a display, featuring the brand, is present in-store. POS allows advertises to focus their message when consumers are most able to make a purchase decision. In-store placement, color and height of the display unit play a major role in getting noticed and moving product. Only a small number of companies actually measure and manage their POS display programs. Testing and measuring results are becoming more important to creating an effective POS campaign.  Retailers are increasingly bombarded with request for POS display space.  Sellers that provide retailers with information about testing and results of a proposed POS campaign, have a greater opportunity to win a prime display position and become a mutual partner in influencing customer brand demand.

Trade Show Displays

A Trade Show Display defines the area to market your product to vendors or consumers at an event, or opportunistic location, where you can draw people in to network and create relationships.


Trade show booths range from defining your space using a single banner, with company name and logo, to elaborate interactive displays As-discrete-afb-1_0featuring multi-media presentations and beautifully furnished entertainment areas. Planning a presence at a trade show requires that you have a booth that that is appealing to your target, a sales team that engages visitors and a unique experience that is either cool, cutting edge, fun or provocative to draw attendees in.  Forbes Trade Show Marketing Tips provides some advice on balancing creating a personal connection, with the glitz of the trade show booth atmosphere.

Dealer and Sales Incentives

Dealer Incentives are developed for Dealers, Distributors or Sales People who sell your product and are not employed by you. Depending on your budget and audience, merchandise, travel, gift cards or certificates are a good alternative to delivering purely financial incentives. Mixing up your incentive programs throughout the year gives you the opportunity to communicate more often with more interesting offers, while keeping interest level high and competitors playing catch-up. Often tangible awards are overlaid with a financial incentive or a consumer promotion to keep momentum going for everyone.

Sales and Employee Incentives increase recognition and motivate employees to focus on an organizational goal. Once a behavior that an organization wants to motive is identified; frequent, short-term awards and recognition builds morale and team work. Incentive prize promotion can inspire employees to be more customer-focused, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial, while achieving the measurable results set forth as part of the incentive program.

Kevin Danaher

Kevin’s career spans over 30 years where he worked for New York Sales Promotion and Advertising agencies such as Ventura Associates, and BBDO developing promotional campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands including VISA, General Electric, Kraft/General Foods, Fidelity Investments, and Chrysler. Read More